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AMUMU Colorful Uke Strap

This strap is both comfy to wear and easy on the eyes. It fits perfectly in the strap attachments on my ukulele. I would definitely recommend this strap to anyone!

Looks great !! but...

the length adjusting slide buckle doesn't hold

Durable and comfortable

I have had this strap for 2 and a half years. It's comfortable and is barely wearing out (a bit of fray where if connects to the guitar). Easy to adjust.

Average Product

Originally I thought this was a really a superior product but when i reed it I noticed two inadequancies...One it came without a power supply and Two there is no provision to put in a 9V guys...modify your approach. However Luis sounds great on the Product Video.

Great pickup for me!

Great price. Easy install. Works perfect!

Great guitar strap!!

The Rose flower guitar strap enhanced the look of my guitar and I found it to be very comfortable. Frank B.

This is the best

This is my favorite strap. I use it on all my basses and guitar. I use the extra long so I get the foam padding all across my back.

AMUMU Rainbow Guitar Strap Polyester Cotton -PC06P-BK


It´s all I spected, I would buy again.

Amumu makes the best straps!

I have a couple Amumu guitar straps and they look the coolest and are so comfortable—nothing feels cheap about them unlike other straps.

Very Nice

Ordered the strap knowing it could take a while, but shipment was faster than expected. The Strap's quality is very good. The leafs are not printed on (which I think is awesome) but woven in the strap. all in all I am very happy. Only problem was that I had to pay taxes on it, but that happens sometimes.

Awesome strap

Just received this strap. I already love it! It reminds me of a good seat belt. I also love the fact it's printed front and back from one end to the other.
Works great with my Jackson 4 string bass guitar.

Hot Summer Overdrive

The Hot Summer Overdrive is a high quality and versatile pedal. Its gain stage ranges from subtle to fuzzy giving it a broad spectrum of useful overdrive sounds. For my purposes, I use it primarily as a tasty subtle overdrive and it performs very nicely in that respect. The tone control can give you a sharp high end attack or, at lower settings, a more finessed feel. Give it a try, I’m sure you will be just as impressed as I was.

Beautiful strap

This strap is well made and is a great value for the price. I think it is very attractive. You see so many of these types of straps that are flowery and such but this design seems to suit my masculine tastes. I use it on my Ibanez acoustic/electric mini bass. It’s soft an comfortable. Thanks Amumu!

Great guitar streap!

This was a very nice strap, i Definitely will consider Purchasing from this brand again. Its very stylish and is made of high quality material. It was easy to Put on, and the instructions were labeled clearly. Definitely recommend buying.