Amumu NEO-SP30 is a passive, noiseless, neodymium magnetic soundhole pickup that delivers a warm, rich acoustic tone that is great for all types of acoustic playing. Convenient installation design let you quickly mount this pickup to your soundhole, with no drilling hole or battery and can be easily removed in seconds when there is no need to use it. Note this pickup is only for steel string acoustic instruments, not for nylon-string acoustic instruments.


Transducer Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet ①
Pickup Type Single Coil Passive
Placement Soundhole pickup with strap end-pin jack
Jack 1/4" Female
Battery No need
Cable Length 23.22"
Housing Solid Beech Wood
Housing Dimension 4.17" x 0.94" x 1.02"
Net Weight 2.3 oz
Fit Soundhole 3.82" to 4.33" (97~110mm)
Suitable for Steel-String Acoustic instruments only


① Note this is a magnetic pickup, and will not work with nylon-string acoustic instruments.



  • Take out the pickup.
  • Slip the pickup into the soundhole from the high E string side.
  • Compress the foam on the pickup to connect with soundhole edge.
  • Push up the pickup, parallel to and as close to the end of the fingerboard as possible.
  • Install the female jack on the End-Pin.
  • Slide the cable holders (included) onto the cable, remove the adhesive backing and then place them as needed to prevent the cable from banging around on the guitar.
  • Plug your instrument cable (not included) into the female jack and your amplifier system.



  • 1x Soundhole Pickup
  • 1x Spare Rubber Foam Set
  • 3x Cable Holders
  • 1x Owner's Manual
  • Amumu NEO-SP30 Passive Neodymium Magnetic Soundhole Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

    SKU: SP30
    Vendor: Amumu

  • Single Coil with Handwound Oxygen-free Copper wrapped around a Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet.
  • Bright and Clear Acoustic Sound with high-end clarity and tonal response.
  • Great for both energetic strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing.
  • Passive and Battery-Free with Low current and High impedance design.
  • Output with 1/4" female jack with quick-mount strap-button holder without drilling.
  • Fits soundhole diameter from 3.82" to 4.33" (97mm to 110mm).
  • Suitable for steel-string acoustic instruments only.
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